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Darke County Probate/Juvenile Court

Probate Information

Certified Copy of Marriage

If you wish to receive a certified copy of your marriage, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope and $2.00 per certified copy requested. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check or a money order (payable to Darke County Probate Court). In addition, we will need the following information: full names of both parties and the date of marriage. Copies may be obtained in person during office hours.

Court Costs & Deposits

Step-Parent $430.00
Agency Adoptions $480.00
Adult Adoptions $251.50
Foreign Adoptions $251.50
Civil Actions $125.00
Estates $200.00
Authenticated Estate Varies -Call for Costs
Adult Guardianship $250.00
Minor Guardianship $200.00
Transfer From Another County Exact Costs
Summary Release $133.00
Will and Summary Release $138.00
Will For Reference $5.00
Will & Medicaid Filings $12.00
Change of Name $120.00
Disinterment $125.00
Claims $16.00 (One Page)
(Each Additional Page) $3.00
All Deposits Will Be Applied Towards Final Costs